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Child Custody Attorney

Child custody battles are sensitive in nature and need the level of compassion and expertise that only a professional can deliver. A child custody attorney will not only handle a custody battle with sensitivity but will also treat it with legal consideration. Meaning, that above all else, a child’s best interests and overall wellbeing needs to be adhered to first, in accordance with the Children’s Act. In the event of divorce, especially, the first thing parents want to know is if they will get custody of their children. It must be acknowledged that the child’s needs and best interests surpasses any parent or guardian’s will. With that said, a custody attorney will typically want to mediate a custody battle and see that both parents have their rights and responsibilities over the child’s care, met. Ultimately, the desired outcome is to share custody between the parents, but the attorney will first evaluate this possibility to see if it will serve the child’s best interests.

Child Custody Attorney


Child Custody Attorney


Child Custody Attorney South Africa


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